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Rank Heirarchy

This is who is in charge by in-game rank. They are leaders, and more importatly they are volunteers. They are to be treated with respect.


  • Zack
  • AtariMaster
  • MeanieKitty
  • WriteEscape


  • Crazy
  • CJ
  • MoonTigeress
  • SupaNinja24

Build Team:

  • JB/Jon


Specific Roles

This clarifies which parts staff play on the server. Think of it as a job description, and in that sense individual staff members do have more than one role to fill. Keep in mind that these rolls change given what's needed at the given moment.

Owner & Co-Owners:

  • Zack - Owner/Founder
  • Write - Co-Owner

Communications Team:

  • Zack

Senior Building Team:

  • JB
  • CJ
  • Aly

Community Managers:

  • Zack
  • Atari
  • Kitty