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Towny Guide

Towny is what we use on the server for player land protection. It does this on a town by town basis, taking into account the town's protection settings. Nations are a larger ruling body that can, at any time, add/kick towns, set a tax and ally or make enemies with other nations. Multiple nations (that haven't declared themselves as peaceful) may go to war with one another and the towns inside of said nations. Nations don't have anything to do with plots or protection other than war. Towns are what really matter when it comes to protecting your things from outsiders, allies or enemies. There are 2 ways a mayor can set up a town. Either any town member can build anywhere, or town members (without a rank inside of the town) can only build on their own plots. If mayors go with the second option, if they give someone a rank inside of their town certain protections are negated. There are 2 ranks, Assistant and Leader.