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Pets are a cosmetic perk given to ranks Knight+. Each rank has access to different pets.

Pets Per Rank

Knight Pets:

  • Chicken
  • Cat
  • Pig

Lord Pets:

  • All from Knight
  • Bat

Prince Pets:

  • All from Knight & Lord
  • Ability to rename pets

King Pets:

  • All Pets (except for Ender Dragon)
  • Ability to wear pets as hats
  • Ability to ride pets


The pets help page isn't very helpful, admittedly. So, here's the syntax:

Base Syntax: /pet <petType>:<petName>:<petSubtype>,<color>

Example: /pet sheep:&6An Shep:baby,yellow

Example 2: /pet pig:baby

Pet Rename Syntax: /pet name <name>

Pet Gui: /pet menu

You can also run /pet list, and from there you can hover over every pet to see what data types are available for it.