Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I change classes?

You can't technically change your class. However, you have access to 3 class accounts. Each class has its own leveling system assigned to it, so you have to work  your way through it again. You can switch and choose your class account as follows:

  • /class acc <acc#>
  • /class profess novice
  • Progress through the class system until you get your desired class


Q: How do I join a town?

A: For the majority of towns, you have to be invited to join. However, if you run /t list and see that a town has (Open) next to its name, you can simply run /t join <townName>.


Q: How can I make money?

A: You can make money using Jobs, or any other method outlined here.


Q: How can I support you?

A: You can support the server by donating or by voting. To donate, simply go here.


Q: How does the chat work?

A: The chat is separated into different channels. There is the global/general chat (/g), town chat (/tc), nation chat (/nc) and local chat (/l or /lc). There are also more channels for Donator and Staff use.


Q: How do I PM another player?

A: If you want to PM a player that's online, simply type /msg <username> [message]. If you want to send a message to someone who is offline, you can use mail by typing /mail <exactUsername> [messagePassword]


Q: What does voting do?

A: Voting helps to promote the server. The more votes we get, the higher ranked we are on server lists like Planet Minecraft or the official list over at the Minecraft Forums. Plus, you get rewards by voting. It's a win win!