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Getting Started with the Disease Plugin

The Disease plugin introduces a disease system into the game. There are a few diseases, and to cure them there are specific antitotes to make. This page will help you cure yourself.



  • Flesh Wound - Injuries caused by breaking blocks with bare fist, no effect but if not cured with bandage infection chance is increased - bandage cure
  • Yellow Fever - Contracted in the insect infested jungle, high fever and sneezing ensues, contagious to others - potion cure
  • Whooping Cough  - Contracted in the dusty desert, wheezing and coughing contagious - potion cure
  • Plague - Contracted by damage from zombies, high fever sickness, Vomiting and sneezing contagious - potion cure
  • Cholera  - Contracted by drinking uncleaned water, sickness, Vomiting - potion cure
  • Broken Leg - Contracted by fall damage, slowness until leg repaired - Crafted splint cure
  • Pneumonia - Contracted by extend stay in cold conditions, slowness exhaustion reduced lung capacity coughing - heated cream cure
  • Swamp Fever - Contracted by swimming in swamp biomes with fleshwound - potion cure
  • Open Wound - Contracted by being slashed with a sword - bleeding, weakness, damage - bandage cure
  • Arrow Wound - Contracted by being hot by an arrow, weakness, damage - use shears on player to dislodge arrow cure
  • Choking - Contracted by eating food - causes blocked throat, - damage, reduced speech, not able to consume food or drink - slap on back cure
  • Rabies - Contracted by wolf bite - causes fever foaming mouth, vomiting, confusion, violent outbursts, speed strength, heart failure - potion cure
  • Pox - Contracted by being near to many animals- causes temperature, sneezing, vomiting, blindness, weakness, CONTAGIOUS - potion cure


To increase immunity to one particular disease, you are able to craft vaccinations to use on yourself or other players. To do this, just craft a Syringe. You can then craft a syringe with a curative potion you have made to turn it into a vaccination injection for that disease. Use a vaccine on yourself or another player to increase the immunity level to that disease.



Temperature Effects:

  • Heat - Fatigue & Confusion
  • Cold - Increased chance of pneumonia, freezing slowness and blindness

To stay cool, wear less in warmer climates, shelter indoors in desert sun and avoid holding items such as lava buckets. You can also stay cooler by going out at night.

To stay warm, wear more clothes in the cold, light campfires (image below), carry hot items, stay out of water and stay indoors during storms and at night.

You may also alter your temperature by crafting a hot milk by putting milk in a furnace, or adversely a cold water by putting a water bottle and a snowball in a crafting bench. Note that the drink in your inventory will either cool or warm over time, so drink quickly.

Camp Fire Construction


  • /disease help - show the help menu
  • /disease check - show health stats
  • /disease list - list known diseases
  • /disease info <disease> - show disease info
  • /disease remedy list - show known remedies
  • /disease remedy <remedy> - show remedy details & recipe
  • /temp - shows your body temperature
  • /temp details - show more in-depth details of what is affecting your temperature



For other recipes in game, use /disease remedy <remedy>